Why Hire a VW Camper Van

There are many wonderful reasons to buy your own VW camper van…but cost is not one of them. A far larger proportion of people have a soft spot for the VeeDub Camper than can afford to own one without compromising in other areas of life. They are a retro-nostalgic luxury we all adore, but they come at a pretty steep price.

Just buying a VW camper, even in poor condition for renovation will set you back thousands of pounds. The renovation itself will take considerable time and money, needing a professional to work on it to make sure the heritage of the van is maintained and the job is deserving. Most of us are likely to holiday once or twice a year, maybe three times if we’re lucky. So if you break down the cost of the renovation, servicing, insurance, tax, MOT, inevitable repairs, tyres, fuel, and all the other costs associated with running an older vehicle like the VW camper and you soon have a very expensive holiday!

By hiring the van for a weekend or week you are getting a much better cost on your holiday. One flat fee covers all inevitabilities, and you don;t have to deal with costly repairs and maintenance over the years. You can simply turn up, take your holiday, and return the van to it’s owners for them to take care of. Unless you intend to use your VW camper as an every day vehicle (which few can afford to do), hiring the camper van is easier on both the mind and the pocket.

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