10 Tips to Create an Amazing Campervan Trip

10 Top Tips for an Amazing Campervan Trip

The great thing about UK campervan holidays is that you can a bespoke planned out trip or take each day as it comes on an open road adventure. However with a little planning and preparation that really can make your campervan trip a fantastic holiday filled with memories to remember. Follow these top 10 tips to create an amazing campervan holiday!

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1.Book Your First Couple of Nights in Advance

We all love the idea of a care free open road adventure but like all things in life a little planning goes a long way! Book your first couple of nights at a campsite in advance so that you get off to a stress-free start to your holiday. The last thing you want to do is try to find a campsite late at night!

2. Sensible Food Planning

Plan simple meals in advance. There are plenty of camping cooking guides on the net if you need inspiration. Take Easy Garlic, herbs, and other sauces, which can help transform any meal.

3.Travel Light

Campervans come with a full inventory so pack minimally using soft bags for easy storage. If you have to question whether to take something then don’t take it! You just need some food, clothing and bedding. That is it!

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4. Be prepared for all conditions

Like any camping, weather can make a huge difference to your experience particularly in the UK. If the weather is bad then a few indoor games, playing cards & books wont go amiss! A few indoor activities & waterproofs would be a good idea!

5. Campsite Facilities are better than you think!

Campsite facilities really have moved on since the 1980s and some are almost hotel like in terms of showers and washing facilities. Add to that the availability of electrical hook ups then the experience really can be more luxurious than you realise!

6. Check your Range

Make sure you know the range of your vehicle so if you are exploring more isolated parts of the UK or Europe then you know when to fuel up. Modern campervans are also much more fuel efficient than in years gone by so a modern campervan can do over 400 miles on one tank.

7. Pitch Up

Make sure you park your campervan on level ground as there is nothing worse than rolling into each other all night! Avoid putting campervans under trees where possible as rain drops and bird droppings can be annoying!

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8. Flexibility is key

Open road experiences are about making decisions on the fly so whilst it is good a few things planned ahead then once you in the swing of it can be enjoyable to take things where the mood takes you and if you discover an amazing location then you can change your plans very quickly on a campervan holiday!

9. Shoes & Lights

It may sound daft but you should actually plan where you’ll put your shoes when you’re in the van. You also might need them in the middle of the night or early hours, make sure you know where they are. Also carry a torch or night-light so that if you need to find something late at night then it will be much easier with something like a head torch.

10. Just Relax!

One of the great aspects of a campervan is exploring different parts of the world and enjoying the view out that great big windscreen so get off the motorways and onto the B roads and start exploring at a leisurely pace away from the rat race of modern life!

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