Now THAT’S Commitment!

The road to restoring a classic VW campervan is long and treacherous, fraught with expensive problems and time consuming stumbling blocks. It’s little wonder that so many are sold as half complete projects as their saviours run out of time, money, or both. They are expensive to buy no matter what the condition, and restoration is not for the faint-hearted.

Some people will go above and beyond to breathe new life into their rusty, rickety camper no matter what it takes, and these men and women deserve our admiration, it is they who keep our beautiful T2s alive instead of a distant warm memory. But this guy…well! Legend (aka the internet) has it that in 2009 Mr Morten Lund heard tale of a hotel owner who had pushed his 1957 Samba (the rare 23 window version) into a nearby lake when its transmission failed sometime in the 1970s (one way to deal with it I suppose – bet he’s kicking himself now!)

So, clearly not afraid of a challenge Mr Lund set out to find and drag up said VW Samba for a little spit ‘n’ polish. …and that he did:


From what we can find online he managed to get it up together enough to enter it into the SCC Event in Scandinavia in August 2010 where it one ‘Best Rat Look’ and Mr Lund himself win the ‘Crazy’ award for having the nerve to take on such a proposition. Hats off to you, Morten!

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