Taking a Camper Van to the Lake District

The Lake District is a fantastic place to take one of our camper vans for a road trip and holiday. Whatever kind of camper holiday you have planned the Lake District is sure to accommodate you. Whilst known for it’s serene and peaceful surroundings the Lake District accommodates a huge range of styles of holiday, not just relaxing ones.

There’s something for everybody here including foodies, wine connoisseurs, adrenaline junkies, something for the kids, beach lovers, history buffs, literary fans, walkers, animal lovers and so much more. The Lake District is dotted with National Trust sits giving you even more options of things to see and do, potentially saving time and money of you check in advance. This historic area will keep the whole family occupied, and have a generous number of sites in which you can park up for the night.

One of the best things about hiring a camper van for these sorts of trips is the flexibility they offer. By not having a fixed base you can move around whenever and to wherever you want. Maybe you want to stay a little longer in one place and lose a little time in another, no problem. Maybe you’ve changed your mind about where you’d like to go; again no problem! There’s no lost hotel deposits or ticket fees if you are driving your own accommodation!

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