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Book Your VW Campervan Holiday Experience

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Keeping It Green

Our VW Campervans were born in the late 1960s, and despite the VW camper van being at the height of hippy fashion, there wasn't a great deal of emphasis at the time on making motor vehicles more environmentally friendly.

Today, of course, we know differently. So how do we reconcile our provision of gas-guzzling classic VW camper vans with our passion for keeping it green?

First of all, our theory is that services like ours - providing Volkswagen camper vans for holiday hire - mean that there are a few less motorhomes and caravans being purchased as holiday vehicles only to sit on a driveway and moulder for fifty weeks of the year.

When we restored the vans to their present tip-top condition, we made every effort to use original, recycled parts, and their engines have been renovated and tuned for maximum energy-efficiency. We've also had catalytic converters fitted, to reduce their toxic emissions as much as is practically possible.

We help to offset any of your carbon emissions in partnership with climate organisations, and we encourage you to catch the train to us where possible to pick up your camper van - it's easy to get to, and our premises are close to a station.

So that's what we're doing - and here are some tips as to how you can help:

Park in the shade!

Gasoline evaporation also occurs when the engine is switched off, if it's hot. So if it's a hot day and you're looking for a place to park, think about parking under the shade of a tree if at all possible.

Including cigarette butts

All those little cigarette butts are a much bigger deal when they're strewn along our roads and in our countryside. It's one of the most environmentally tricky littering issues there is - each filter is made of plastic, and takes absolutely forever to biodegrade. They wash away into drains, into streams and rivers, onto beaches, and they simply don't go away. Put them out and put them in the appropriate bin, to keep that issue to a minimum.

Take the shortest route between places

You're hiring a van, and of course you've figured out a route that will allow you to have the road trip you've always wanted, and to take in everything you want to see. But have you made sure that there's no wasted movement? Have another look. If it's a simple jog from A to B, and you're not planning on taking the scenic route, make sure it's the shortest distance between the two points. You'll save gas, the environment, and a little money too./p>

Bringing bikes?

We provide bike racks, which pretty much means that you can park and cycle around picturesque towns and villages, or national parkland.

Keep to the speed limit!

In fairness, this is always a good plan anyway... and our dear old campers don't get up a great head of speed at their age despite the modern restoration job we've done on their engines. Speed isn't the point of a VW camper van! But sticking to the speed limit will also lower your carbon emissions. So it's generally a marvellous idea all round.

Don't top off when filling up

Any extra that goes over the maximum your fuel tank can take is nothing but pollutant, and a waste. Only use as much fuel as is necessary when you're filling up, and no more.

Turn the engine off

Idling is a waste of fuel, and an unnecessary source of toxic emissions. When you're parked or waiting, turn the engine off. Simple.

Don't overload the van!

Just bring what you need. You'll need the space anyway, and any additional load increased fuel consumption and carbon emissions unnecessarily.

Pull away steadily

Now again, we know that our campervans aren't dragsters. However, there's no need to race to beat the guy next to you in pulling away at the lights. Jackrabbit starts increase fuel consumption and toxic emissions. Just pull away steadily, you've got all the time in the world - you're on holiday!

Unplug everything!

When it's not in use, anyway. There's no need for unused electrical accessories to be plugged in - they're still using energy, which is unnecessarily wasteful.

These are all just guidelines, obviously. But anything that saves you money and helps the environment has to be a good thing, right?


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