Top Ten Camping Games

camping games


If you enjoying the great outdoors with family or friends there is no excuse for anyone to be bored even if the weather does go against you. No technology is necessary and even better there is lots of equipment to bring with you. If you are on a campervan holiday you should be able to entertain yourselves without the use of a mobile, video console or tablet!

1. Camping Championship Games

Create you own camping version of the Olympic games with relay races, tug of war, long jump on the beach, jumping across streams and swimming in safe open water. With younger children you can have less challenging games such as skipping, statues and balancing games.

2. Adventure Outdoor Treasure hunt

Depending upon location set hunts for certain items such as pine cones, sea shells, snail shells, different rocks, branches and leaves. If possible set a map an give them compasses to practice basic orienteering skills. The winners will need a prize!

3. Castle building Contest

If you are on the beach then sand castles it is. If you are on rocky terrain then the castles need to be be made of the available stones. If you are in a wooded area then make sure you have some normal craft glue and get the children to make castles out of twigs using scissors and glue.

4. Campfire Stories

One person starts the story and talks for 2 minutes, then the next person takes the story on whichever direction they want. Everyone takes a turn and the most entertaining part as voted by everyone else wins the prize.

5. Art Competition

If you have colouring pencils or paint then organise a drawing/painting competition of the local landscape to see who produce the best picture.

6. Cloud I Spy

Everyone lays down on the ground/blanket and looks up to the sky to find cloud formations that look something else ie. I spy with my little eye something that looks like rises at night and falls in the morning…

7. Campfire Lighting

Basic camping skills include lighting a fire for warmth and cooking so if the children are old enough set them tasks such as finding kindling, firewood and logs to sustain the fire through the evening. Make sure you have permission to light fires and if necessary keep the fire off the ground.

8. Survival Instinct

Pretend you have no supplies and for four to 6 hours they must survive on what you can find in your locality. This will encourage creative thought on how to survive with regard to food and drink if there is no fizzy drinks or crisps to hand!

9. Song Contest

Particularly good around a campfire have a sing-a-long for everyone there. Contestants can sing or play a makeshift instrument such as banging pots and pans. For bonus points they can perform dance moves to the music!

10. VW Camper Hire Game

Marshmellows are made for campfires so each person has to put a marshmellow in their mouth and say “VW Camper Hire”. As you go around the group on the next round everyone has to put another marshmellow in their mouth and repeat. No eating the sweets! The one who wins is the one that can still say “VW Camper Hire” with the most marshmellows in their mouth.



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