A guide to wild camping in the UK

Wild Camping in a Campervan

The beauty of VW camper rentals is that you have the freedom to live life out in the open. There are thousands of quiet and isolated places in the UK where you can park your campervan for the night, and thousands more wild camping spots for you still to discover. One of the many benefits of taking to the road in a campervan is that you never know for sure where you’re going to end up for the night, unless it’s a favourite spot that only you know of. Setting off in your campervan is always a thrill, however, it’s worth remembering that wild camping doesn’t mean just parking wherever you like.


Campervan wild camping

A Few Dos and dont’s

If you see a sign that says that camping is prohibited, respect it and look elsewhere. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait or, in the case of campers, those who continue to search. You never know, your private paradise could be just around the next corner!

One reason for those no camping signs appearing is that previous campers have left a mess behind. No responsible camper needs to be told not to litter, but even storing litter in a bin bag under the campervan overnight is unsightly. Store your litter in the campervan and always take it with you when you leave.

Keeping a low profile is always a good idea and this includes resisting the temptation to set out the deck chairs, table and windbreak. There’s no need to advertise your presence and anyway, by being discreet and camping quietly you’re less likely to scare off wildlife, such as deer, birds and other animals.
Wild camping by a lake

Out of Season

If you’re lucky enough to be able to take to the road out of season, it goes without saying that there will be fewer other campers about. It’s also true that when wild camping in the autumn, winter or spring means you’re bound to get some rough weather but another benefit of a campervan is that you’ll always have shelter. In fact, one of the simple joys of wild camping in a remote spot is lying tucked up in a warm bed, listening to the sound of rain on the campervan roof.

Touring in your campervan out of season, does mean you’ll have to be more organised as local shops usually shut earlier. You may not have the option of stopping in an official site for a night because they’ll be closed, but the roads will be quieter and you’ll have more chance of finding that perfect spot to pull over, in splendid isolation.

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