Top Ten VW Campervan Limos

VW Splitscreen and Bay vans  came in a variety of models when they were originally manufactured such as panel vans, pick ups, people carriers and of course campervans. What VW didn’t manufacture on the illustrious production lines was the stretch limousine versions that can be found around the world today!

1. VW Splitscreen Double Samba Limousine

Believed to reside in Australia this Spitscreen Stretch Limo is a work of art in white over cream, featuring Safari windows and eight skylights down each side plus 9 side windows on each side. Its our favourite version where tradition and proportion are blended beautifully.

VW Splitscreen Limousine

2. VW Splitty Limo

This fine example comes with a state of the art sound system and a huge flatscreen to accompany a luxury red leather interior. If you are looking for state of the art entertainment as well as stunning split screen looks then this one ticks all the boxes.

VW Stretch Splitscreen

3. VW Bay Limo

In white over lime green this is a left hand drive VW Bay Limousine with two sliding side doors and matching green and white leather interior. Equipped with a minibar and visual entertainment then this is a brilliant stretch version of the classic 1970s T2.

VW Bay Campervan limo

4. VW Splitscreen Ragtop Limo

This classic VW Splitscreen Limousine has safari windows and a unique feature for a stretch limo with a very long ragtop roof. Finished in black over red with a matching black leather interior. With a stunning paint job and chrome detailing this Splitscreen certainly shines!

VW Bus Limo

5. VW Splitscreen Limousine

This Right hand drive VW Splitscreen Limousine resides in the UK and also has safari windows plus a very long ragtop roof. Finished in white with a cream leather interior this Splitscreen limo provides fantastic wedding transport in the UK.

VW Split Limo White

6. VW Bay/Beetle Limousine

Residing in the South Dakota this custom, six-wheeled limo has been constructed from a number of VW campers and a VW beetle. Seating up to to 12 passengers the limo is used for tours, weddings and special events.

Hybrid Camper & LimoVW hybrid limo interior

7. VW Hippy Stretch Splitscreen

This is probably more at the hippy end of the limousine range! Believed to be in California, this stretch version of a splitscreen has been constructed from at least three splitscreens with two sets of double doors one one side plus three rear skylights and a rear ragtop roof. Not the luxury end but its certainly one of the longest limos we’ve seen.

Hippy Stretch Limo

8. VW Stretch Splitscreen Pick up and Trailer

Definitely on of the most bizarre Splitscreen creations we have come across on the web. This Splitscreen 16 window trailer is definitely the longest vehicle we have seen of this type but to be honest it looks like a photoshop creation however we included it for great imagination!

Limo Cab

9. VW Type 2 Stretch Limousine

This one is still a little ‘work in progress’ with  two sliding doors and rear panel van quarter, this limo needs a bit more work including a paint job and some windows! But somehow against the backdrop there is something intriguing about this bus.

VW Type 2 Limo

10. VW Bay & Beetle Stretch Limousine

The final limo to make our top ten is this stunning bay example. Finished beautifully in deep red paint along with a cream interior, this high top bay limo version via front & back Beetle top sections is a masterpiece in aerodynamic design with perfect proportions. It has six wheels for load but we say hats off for a wonderful creation!

Vw Bay Beetle Limousine


If you looking at trying a VW campervan experience but don’t quite want to take on the challenge of driving a 30 foot juggernaut then why not check out our VW Camper Hire Fleet!



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