Reward For Stolen Camper Van!

Any VW camper owner or enthusiast knows the sentimental value our four wheeled travel companions can have, and the impact of losing one. A family in West Bridgford were recently devastated when, after six years and £40,000 of careful restoration, a thief saw fit to steal it for their own profit.

Lizzy-Beth, a 1966 splitty, was taken from the Humphreys family home on the 20th March 2013. Mr and Mrs Humphreys had been planning to take their two children away for a VW camper adventure this summer and are desperate to get their girl back home safely.

The Volkswagen camper was seen in Clifton not long after it was stolen, and Mrs Humphreys has set up a Twitter account in an attempt to get as much information as possible about the location of their precious camper. You can see pictures of Lizzy-Beth and find out more here.

Here’s to hoping the media attention this theft has gained means the thief has no chance of passing the camper van on without raising suspicion, and Lizzy-Beth gets home soon.

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