Hiring a VW Camper: Will We All Fit?

Are you thinking of hiring one of our Volkswagen Campers for your next holiday? Our beautifully restored camper vans come with everything you need to a great holiday as a couple family, or if you’re exploring the area on your own.

If you are travelling as a family you may be surprised as to how spacious our VW camper vans feel. Up to 5 can travel though we suggest 2 adults and 3 children in this instance or it might get a little cosy! 4 adults can travel with one small child as an alternative so friends with kids need not miss out on the VW adventure!

If you are travelling as a couple you’ll find there’s plenty of space for everything, remember all our campers come fitted with much of what you will need already. You can see a full breakdown of what is included in our What’s Included? page.

If you are travelling alone you’ll find the New Forest and surrounding area a vibrant and friendly place to be so chances are you won’t be without company for long! For those setting out on their own you can rest assured there will be plenty of room, even if you are bringing extra equipment as some professional wildlife photographers and others do. Our campers have a number if clever original storage areas and cubby holes you may never think to look in, providing even more room for your things.

If you want to find out more about our campers and how it all works take a peek at our How Does This Work? Page. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email and our friendly staff can help you out.

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