Volkswagen Concept Campers – Microbus 2001

In late 2000 rumours were rife that VW were set to release a new modern take on the much loved Volkswagen Camper. Volkswagen fans waited with baited breath for more information, and in January 2001 the Microbus was put on show at the Detroit and Wolfsburg motor shows.

It was never built to echo the original; some say it would be foolish to do so, although there are many similarities in the design. The Microbus was built to be a fresh new take on the camper van style, unique, and a far cry from anything else on the market at the time. Of course, as is the way of modern design, the Microbus was bigger, taller, wider, and awash with modern conveniences. The front pays homage to the original with a sharply sloping front, as does the back with a rounded rump and wrapped rear lights.

Although VW touted the new concept camper at these prestigious motor shows and even went as far as to create a rather uplifting little promo video which you can access at the bottom of this post, alas it was never to reach production. Autoblog hold a nice selection of photos of what might have been, but the camper never saw the light of the production plant. Some say it proved to expensive to build and it, some say it was a design based decision by the new CEO and the designer he brought with him.

But the 2001 Microbus was not, and is not the last the world was to hear of Volkswagen camper van idea…our next post covers what came next so stay tuned! View the Volkswagen Microbus promotion video on YouTube

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