Celebrities and Their Camper Vans – Jamie Oliver

It’s pretty likely that by now you have seen Jamie Oliver’s beautifully restored VW camper, and gorgeous matching trailer. There’s something about his nature that mean it was no surprise when we first saw his beloved camper set touring rural Italy on his TV show. The engine is of course Porsche, as are a number of other bits and pieces on the van. The upgraded Porsche engine is popular among Volkswagen camper owners giving the vans a little more ‘umph’ on the road and when climbing hills.

The story has it that the vehicle was once a scrappy mess, lovingly restored by VW specialist Matt Keene of http://www.air-kraft.co.uk/ in Cornwall, then spotted by the TV chef who immediately asked if he could buy it. The van really is a superb example, testament to the skills of Matt and his colleagues.

Jamie’s excursion gave yet more love from the public to the classic VW camper, and enquiries for the vans, especially ‘ones like Jamie’s’†increased dramatically for a while after the show was broadcast. Jamie sold the 23 window van at Brands Hatch for £48,000 in 2007. Not bad at all!

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