Ignore The Cold; Summer Will Soon Be Here!

We can’t wait! Yes it’s cold a dreary, it’s January! But every day as a little step closer to summer and we’re counting down the days.

It’s time to start planning that Easter break, the weather April is mean to be lovely again this year (remember what it was like two years ago? Just like that) so we expect to get booked up pretty quickly for those seeking a camper van road holiday and a tan here in the UK.

Some of our vans have already had bookings made and will be trundling off down to the Purbecks on the mighty Jurassic Coast in Dorset, one we know of is touring up to the Lake District while a couple of other bookings mean trips closer to home in the nearby New Forest.

Remember, at VW Camper Hire we’ll come and get you from Southampton Central train station or Eastleigh Airport, and if you have any special requirements the team are here to help! Find out more about our weekend campervan hire.

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