End of the Line for our Classic VW Camper Friends…

It’s true, folks; it is with great sadness that we must announce that in December 2013 production of the iconic Type 2 (Kombi) will end. You may be one of the large majority of people who didn’t actually realise it was still in production, so few new ones do we see here in the UK. But production and assembly have steadily continued in Sao Bernardo do Campo in Brazil ever since its inception back in 1950 (UK and UK production stopped in 1967 if you were interested).

Changes in legislation coming into effect 1st January 2014 means the last of our beloved campervans will roll off the production line and into the annals of history some time just before. Safety laws in South America mean the Kombi just isn’t financially viable for Volkswagen any more, it would cost too much to comply.

So VW owners, cherish your van just a little bit more, and those of you thinking of hiring or buying a VW camper might want to crack on that little bit sooner.

Our little gang of VW campers for hire are waiting for their next trip out around the South Coast, and are getting booked up pretty quickly. So why not make the most of our holiday campervan hire by giving us a call or email to say Hi and book yours for theirs and your next holiday.

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