Five good health reasons for taking a campervan holiday

Taking a tour in a campervan is an increasingly popular holiday choice. A VW campervan removes the cost of hotels, restaurants, and over-priced bed and breakfasts. It opens up your choice of destinations to wherever you want to go, within a region, country or continent. More importantly it can improve your health in some surprising ways, that other holidays can’t manage.


 1. Less stress

cup coffee and sunny trees backgroundMost holidays create a host of artificial deadlines that can kill any “getting away from it all” spirit with dread and stress. From the airport to the ferry, to the hotel’s check-in/out times. This clock-watching goes out the window in a campervan, leaving you to make your own schedules, and setting your own destinations.


2. Endless walking opportunities

boardwalk in forestSince most campervan holidays take in the scenic route, whenever you see somewhere nice from the bus, you can stop and take a brisk stroll. Add a few stops each day into your trip, and you can burn much more energy than you would going to the buffet and back, and add more good memories and photos along the trip.


3. Good food

Italian Appetizer Bruschetta with roasted tomatoes, mozzarella cWith several books and blogs out there dedicated to campervan dual-ring cooking, you needn’t survive on tinned food and takeaways on your trip. With a focus on healthy, local and fresh food, you can improvise and spice things up with the many pots of spices, herbs and extras that will fit on the tiny shelves. And, as the portions are likely to be smaller than you’d otherwise eat, are generally healthier.


4. Better mental health

Meditation With RainbowLiving with just the essentials might seem a chore or deprivation at first, but you can soon learn that much of what you planned to carry around is superfluous. There’s usually no real need for all those clothing choices, gadgets that will go flat and other bits of life’s fluff. Sticking to the basics can promote a positive mental attitude, and there’s still usually room for a small pet or your hobby to help keep you calm and focused during your downtime.


5. Improve your social life

A group of friends against skyThe free spirits that go on campervan trips tend to be of a similar, can-do, attitude. Taking a campervan holiday will put you in touch will all sorts of interesting people who are more likely to engage with you, rather than just to grab the pool lounger when you stand up on a hotel holiday. Meeting new people can broaden your outlook, and sharing tips about your experiences can add a whole new social circle to your life.

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