Top 10 reasons to plan your Campervan Road Trip

Its not hard to see why so many people have succumbed to the lure of the open road. The sight of campers sitting out enjoying the sunshine with their campervans, whilst taking in the sea breeze, admiring coastal views makes it an easy sell. But what are the other great reasons to go on a road trip?

Freedom of the Open Road

There are no restrictions to where you can go and the freedom of the open road is literally yours. You can take the time to go where you want to go, at your own pace and spend as long as you like at your favourite locations. You have the flexibility to plan your whole trip in extensive detail or wake up and go where the mood takes you! Its entirely up to you whether you wild camp or use dedicated camping facilities.

freedom of open road in a campervan

The Great Outdoors with convenience

Campervan trips marry the beauty of the natural environments with the luxury living and modern amenities you will find a in a campervan. This means you can enjoy and stay in areas of outstanding natural beauty yet have the modern convenience of electricity, cooking facilities and comfortable dining features.


Easy to drive and navigate

The rise of satellite navigation and the ease of driving a modern campervan with power steering, cruise control and other modern driving amenities make this kind of holiday a breeze. There shouldn’t be any fears of getting lost and even if you do end up off track you are likely to find some of the best places as a result. Sat navs are often provided as a cheap extra so you will always be able to find your way back to mainstream roads and places.

Exploring unusual places

VW Campervans are the perfect way to explore narrow tracks and roads in remote countryside –  places a large motorhome could never get to. Its the perfect opportunity to get away from the main artery routes and get to the many stunning viewpoints around the UK that are inaccessible to caravans and motorhomes. Adventure is the most popular aspect cited by campervan tourists and there really are no barriers to where you can go.

off the Beaten Track campervan


Holiday campervan hire gives you the combined savings of accommodation and transport plus self catering facilities in one place. Add to this its ideal for a family holiday as campervans can carry 5 seat belted and sleep up to 5 people. The savings on restaurants meals, coffees and other refreshments can be quite significant too. Depending on the time of year a family of 5 could enjoy a campervan trip for as little as £15 per person per night.


Travelling in a campervan gives you the perfect opportunity to get back to basics and to immerse yourself properly in your surroundings. Whether that is a coastal sccene, national park or the unspoilt countryside then you get to be up close and personal with all that nature offers from the comfort of your own campervan. No one day will ever be the same with different sceneries and landscapes to enjoy each day. You can’t achieve that easily with a hotel package trip where your room view remains constant.

nature in a campervan

Dogs Welcome

Most campervan companies offer dog friendly campervans and its one of the biggest selling points that sets a campervan holiday apart from an apartment or hotel holiday. Companies will usually charge a reasonable extra fee to cover the additional cost of cleaning that comes with having a dog on board and its cheaper/better than leaving your cherished pet in a kennel for the week! There are lots of dog friendly campsites around the UK plus pubs and venues that accept dogs onto their premises so it really isn’t a hinderance to bring your dog on holiday with you.

dog in a campervan


If you choose the right campervan hire company then you are likely enjoy high end comforts combined with amazing practicality. With all the quality domestic catering equipment plus surround sound and comfortable beds then the campervan represents a much more luxurious option than traditional camping. No wet tents plus heating, fridges and lighting are just a few of the aspects that you can expect in a campervan to make your stay much easier and enjoyable.

Family Orientated

Many campervans will sleep up to 5 people –  two double beds and cab bunk. This will allow two adults and three children to sleep comfortably in the campervan so the vehicles are perfect for a family holiday.  There is nothing better than getting the family together around a camp fire and toasting marshmellows! Alternatively particularly with the modern T5 based vans then groups can share the costs easily and sleep comfortably in the campervan. A driveaway awning provides additional options.

family trip in a campervan

Our backyard and beyond

Not enough people ever get to see all the natural beauty spots around the United Kingdom. These include the various national parks with forests and moors plus the stunning coastal spots all around our island. Britain has so many different landscapes to enjoy plus stunning villages and spectacular cities to explore. With our rich history and amazing landmarks there is no better way to start your adventure and comprehensively explore all that England, Scotland and Wales have to offer. In addition to this plenty of British VW Campervan Hire companies allow their campervans to go abroad so why not explore the unlimited opportunites and places across Europe.


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