Volkswagen Concept Campers – Bulli 2011

The Bulli; forget the Microbus, this was the new boy in town. A new concept Volkswagen camper with a huge amount of pressure on it to please a notoriously hard crowd (original VW T2 owners), and make the next generation of potential camper van owners go bleary eyed at the thought of summer frolicking in its shadow.

The Bulli was the original German nickname for the VW T1 vans, and has been revived for this new design. Broader and shorter than its 2001 predecessor, the concept Bulli was offered up for inspection at the Geneva motor show in February 2011.

Moving with the times as the VW camper always has, the smaller that the earlier planned Microbus and housing an electric instead of diesel or petrol engine; however the real thing will have these options. The reduction in size from the 2001 Microbus is thought to make it a better choice for the European market, rather that the . You can control infotainment options via an iPad (positively space age!), and even the stereo system has had a little extra love; this time with help from the American guitar & amp aficionados at Fender.

Possibly leaning in design towards the US market, the new Bulli is based on the Touran platform, and is to be unveiled in 2013!

Here’s a video tour of the Bulli Bus from Inside Line:


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