Remembering The Good Old Days in a Volkswagen Camper Van


Hailing from the USA, I love the thousands of miles of open road that my country has to offer. When I was younger, a few good friends and I would get into our trusty VW camper van, loaded down with food and music, and chase the sunset. What wonderful memories I have of those days, the open road, and the freedom…  that’s why I’m so excited that I’m flying to Manchester, England to close a business deal in the next few days. I’ll only be needed for a day or two, and I’ve arranged with my employer to extend my stay and spend my full allotment of vacation time in the county of Devon where a very dear friend now lives. I’m not in any rush to return to work in America.

My friend in Devon tells me of a company near his home that has VW campers hire for people to take on holiday, to get that classic VW camper experience. He and I plan to hire one to follow the coastline, and see a bit of the south of England. This road trip is my idea of the holiday of a lifetime! The prospect of the open road, the scenery, the ocean in beautiful England makes me feel like a teenager again. In a few more days, my friend will greet me at Exeter Airport and we will relive memories of a simpler time.

The idea of driving the open road in a dependable, fully restored classic VW camper just like the one I used to drive back in the seventies is a dream come true. I always loved the unique sound of the air-cooled VW engine. No other engine in the world has that distinctive sound. I have owned several VW cars and vans in my life and they are incredibly rugged. Unfortunately, the air cooled Volkswagen van and cars in the USA have almost completely disappeared.

The classic VW camper van has everything you need to travel. You can sleep, cook, eat, or just sit comfortably in the warm and dry window, perhaps overlooking ocean waves crashing over an isolated coast. No need to find a room for the night, because the VW camper van has all the comforts of home and can be parked at any scenic rest area. I am counting the days until I can step back in time to hit the road again in our camper. Tonight I will continue to chart our course on a map of the west country, taking in Dartmoor, park overnight near Exmoor National Park, and of course all the sights to see in and around Cornwall.

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