Festival Season is starting Soon!

Finally, mornings are lighter and evening darkness is later, a lovely little reminder that spring is on its way. That’s just enough to get us all excited about summer time Van plans!

You’d be surprised how many festivals there actually are in the UK every year, big and small and based around all sorts of things. Sometimes the ones you fancy going to might seem a bit far away, but it doesn’t matter where in the country they are when you have a Volkswagen camper van to take you there as it’s all part of the fun!

This month we’ll take you through the camper van accommodation set up of some of the biggest and best known festivals in the UK, all of which allow camper vans on site in their own special area.

If you’re at a point where you’re still loving the festival scene but can’t be doing with the whole camping thing you are not alone! Festival campervan hire is a great middle ground and we can almost guarantee you won’t go back to festival camping!

For a complete list of all the festivals being held in the UK this year you can visit The Festival Calendar which is kept updated with all the UK festivals big and small, but remember to check they allow camper vans before you book!

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