VW Campervans in the Snow

VW Campervans may not seem like hardy snow vehicles but with the Met office forecasting Snowstorms across the UK, we look at how Splitscreens and Bay Camper vans can adapt to the snow conditions.

VW Campervan with a Snow Plough

This campervan has a makeshift snow plough attachment to give this VW campervan another skillset to add to it bow.

snow plough vw campervan


Ski Slopes VW Splitty

This VW Splitscreen van has undergone some serious modifications for its new role on the slopes as a DJ booth with raising roof and snow tracks to reach its party on the slopes

Snowtracks VW Campervan on the Slopes


VW Type 2 in the Mountains

VW Type 2s are perfectly able to make their way around the mountains in the snow as this picturesque winter photo shows

VW Campervan in the snow

VW Camper in the Snow

VW Campervans make great camping vehicles but if you are going to go camping in very cold weather then make sure you have additional heating with you!

VW Campervan in the snow


VW Campervan Snow Jump

We are very careful with our VW campervans so you wont see any of our doing these kind of manoeuvres in the snow. This VW Splitscreen is captured doing a jump in snow. Not so sure that will do the suspension any good!

VW Camper Snow Jump


VW Campervan Snow Tracks

This VW Splitscreen eats snow for breakfast. As an emergency support van on the slopes this Splitty can get anywhere with its adapted snow tracks for all weather terrain driving. Finished in Alpine white this mountain vehicle certainly looks the part.

VW Campervan with Snowtracks



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