Campervan Heating with VW Campervan Hire

It may be winter outside but inside the campers you will be cosy and comfortable in with our heating solutions!

Our bookings over the winter have been much higher than expected with campers exploring countryside and coastal paths for winter walks across Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

All of campers with the exception of Ruby have heating in the driving cab that come as standard for when the campervan is running and is being driven but in addition to this we provide free of charge specifically designed camper heaters with  integrated heating solutions.


Quest Heater
Quest Heater

The heater is a Quest Ceramic Heater 750/1500W which is a mains powered, portbale heater with ceramic heating element. As well as heating settings this Tristar heater has a cooling fan for use in Summer months.

This handy little campervan heater is a blown air design with anoscillating function to ensure heat reaches all the necessary areas of the campervan. In addition the heater has an integrated heating safety switch should it tip over which cuts power immediately. It  also has over heat protection to ensure that the heater operates safely at all times. The heater is low wattage and you can vary the temperature and fan speed to suit you plus you can have the heater on an oscillating setting or fixed position

We have used various types of heating over the years including oild radiators, gas powered heaters but this is definitely our favourite as its safe, there are no fumes of waste gases, this model is very quiet and very effective.

In addition to the heater we also provide other items to ensure you are warm and cost at night which include thermal window screens as shown below on Ruby:

VW Campervan Thermal Blinds
VW Campervan Thermal Blinds

These thermal blinds keep the heat in the camper and are very effective. They might look like they belong in a space shuttle but they are definitely worth it for keeping the heat in the camper in the winter and heat out in Summer.



Lastly the campervans have new curtains that have been themally upgraded to provide additional heat conservation within the campervan so you will never be cold!






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