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sheltaPod is new innovation in the campervan awning market that is crowdfunding right now. The inventor is Julie Ritson, a keen camper who as a former campervan owner enjoys the great outdoors to getaway from the stresses of her job as a News Camerawoman. For her an awning was there to provide some shelter when cooking and eating without detracting from the view when she had the sliding door open on her campervan. The awnings on the market did not meet these expectations for her so this led to Julie developing the first prototype for sheltaPod.
VW T5 sheltapod
The sheltaPod – truly adapts to any kind of weather. Easy  to put up, this awning can easily fold up to a sun canopy and easily folds back down to a traditional campervan awning. Along with an inner tent and skylight window then the awning makes for a magnificent setting to sleep under the stars.

When it comes to campervan awnings then there is a gap in the market between the traditional large awnings that attach to the side of a campervan and an attachd wind out sun canopy using poles for support. The traditional awning is practical spacewise but not so much when it comes to the views out of the main ‘window’ to your van –  the sliding door. The sun canopy is great on a sunny day but as soon as the weather becomes more adverse then you need something more robust to provide shelter. This is where sheltaPod fills a gap in the market by being able to adapt to either scenario.


VW Bay sheltapod

Julie says.“I bought my first campervan 4 years ago and wanted an awning that was easy to set up single handed, that didn’t block the views from inside the van and gave me some extra storage space. I just needed some shelter outside the van where I could cook, eat and store stuff. It also had to go up and come down quickly if I was only staying for one or two nights.”

VW Danbury sheltapod

The bright colours are an interesting contrast to the usual grey dull awnings that pervade the UK market in campervan awnings as well as the big skylight windows that provide the option to really sleep under the stars. The inventor has more plans for the future with further colour variations, patterns and accessories.

You can find out more and get involved at IndieGogo –


VW T2 sheltapod


VW Camper Hire was pleased to be chosen as ‘models’ for this exciting new venture! You can see more of Buddy and Gertie our hire campervans that feature in the promotional photography on our site.

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