VW Campervan Hire ID Buzz

Vw Campervan Hire ID Buzz 2

Could the VW ID Buzz make a great van for VW Campervan Hire?

With the VW ID Buzz confirmed for  production in 2022 more details are starting to emerge as Volkswagen attempt to blend the future with the past of the hugely popular VW Type 2 Campervan

The electric ID Buzz will come with a whole host of futuristic features including, touchscreen technology, mobile phone access security, facial recognition, customizable interiors and layout, plus sensor technology.

With a range of 300 miles, 30 minute charge time for 80% battery capacity plus 0-60 in around 5 seconds this fully electric campervan looks to be ticking all the boxes with regard to being a viable campervan with iconic character for the 21st century.

VW Campervan ID Buzz

The latest update suggests that the sensor technology incorporated into the ID Buzz will lead to machine learning and a pathway to autonomous driving technologies later down the line. At a recent discussion VW has suggested that complimentary driving help systems using sensors in the car will be developed and these systems allow updates throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. The eventual aim of autonomous driving and co-piloting is where this leads.

VW Campervan hire ID Buzz

Driving habits will be analysed over time and new features could be uploaded to the car via software updates which could include gaze tracking for distracting elements and behaviour plus bicycle alerts in the road. Enhanced voice recognition and gesture controls are also realistic possibilities.

Vw Campervan Hire ID Buzz 3

The cavernous nature of this reborn VW Campervan for the 21st century makes any aftermarket modifications  required to make it a true campervan much easier. For VW campervan hire the VW ID Buzz is a plausible option to add to the hire fleet in the years to come.





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