The Ultimate Splitscreen Restoration Project

Earlier this month we heard about a possibly the craziest Splitscreen restroration project for sale on eBay in Koblenz, Germany.



The description was as follows:

Early VW Bus T1 Barndoor – A ruin!
Built between `51 and` 53 – With seating, probably a Fensterbus.
With all the bodywork that has already been lost, the chassis number was probably there somewhere.
Even the VW logo is no longer there to find …

Happy bidding!

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They later stated that “there are no vehicle documents ” –  you dont say!

Due to some lettering on the door they believe it was  probably a TV / electronics business from this region that owned the bus. Due to the fact that the Splitscreen was buried in wet soil it has degraded very badly. The VIN number cannot be found or any of the original name plates.


It eventually sold for 323.00 EUROS!!!!

Now we love a restoration project but even we wouldn’t know where to start on this one as that is a huge undertaking to bring this splity back to life! Not sure there would be much left after the first acid dip…..



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